Privacy Policy

Take a look at the Lyrics Finder Privacy Policy

Data Collection

Lyrics Finder will store your lyrics search query anonymously. Anonymously means that I can't figure out the individual who's searching for such lyrics. This is the only data that I will access since as it is for debugging purposes. This data will be stored for 30 days. The data might be available for an extended period in form of a backup.

When using the Auto search feature of the bot, we store your Discord User ID in a database temporarily, acting as a flag that one has enabled the feature. Your Discord User ID will be removed once you've stopped using the Auto search feature. I will not access this flag.

Removal of Data

To remove your data, you can toggle off the Auto search feature of the bot.

For lyrics search query: as the query is anonymous, I can't figure out anyone's message. The best thing that I can do is to delete the whole query database.


You can contact me by writing an email to or by sending a Direct Message on Discord to Angelo#0420. If you prefer PGP, my key is available on Keybase.

Update Information

I hold the right to update this document at any time without notifying anyone. So please consider checking this document from time to time.

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